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Frequently Asked Questions About Strapless Bra Sizing

For many women strapless bra is that part of the undergarment style they fear to foray into because of lack of information or knowledge. While they would appreciate the lady wearing a strapless bra on a magazine cover, they fear to try them. Most of these fears are borne out of misconceptions and horror stories doing rounds in the office and social circles.

May be you have heard about someone who ended up in an embarrassing situation because her boobs popped out of an ill-fitting strapless bra. This creates an unknown fear deep within making you skeptical about strapless bras and you find an excuse saying ‘they are not for me’.

Let’s burst that bubble and give you a reality check. All those horror stories you have heard about strapless bras is not because of that style, but because the women did not wear the right size!

Wearing the correct bra size is extremely important, whether you choose to keep the straps or go strapless. Believe it or not, strapless bras don’t have to be unflattering or keep falling down all the time. There are many women who wear the strapless style with lots of confidence and they also look good in them.

The main support for any bra (regular or strapless) comes from the band. This is what keeps your breasts well supported and up all the time. It also helps you get that perfect cleavage. The straps help the bra stay flat against the bust and provide secondary support.

FAQs: Strapless Bra Sizing

So, when choosing strapless bras you need to look for a product that has extra support in the bands. With a wider and firmer band, the straps won’t be necessary at all. If you are still not convinced then here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions on strapless bras.

How should I choose the right size for my strapless?

When buying a strapless bra, you must make sure that you get a size up in the cup and choose a size down in the band. The main reason behind this is that the band is the main source of support for strapless bras so it should fit snugly. However, please make sure you keep space for at least one or two fingers to slide under the bra.

You must identify the difference between snug fit and too tight and avoid the latter. Some women believe that getting a too-tight strapless will keep them on the safe side but they are wrong. A too-tight strapless is as bad as a loose fitting one as it tends to slide downwards.

Can I find a strapless bra that is size 34G?

Yes, you can. It is fortunate that manufacturers are now offering supportive bras for women with large breasts. So, if your size is above D, you don’t have to write off your desire to go strapless as a dream. You can still get those long line strapless bras offered by brands like Panache, Elila and Elomi. The long line bras come with a full support for large breasts. In these styles, the band which is the main source of support extends to the waist to provide additional support and maximum lift.

What is the maximum size for a low-back strapless bra?

The low-back strapless bras cannot provide a lot of support as the bands are not as thick hence the manufacturers don’t make them for large breasts. For most brands, the maximum size available is DD. You may instead try a pairing up your low back dress with low-back long line bras. They come with extra wide band at the front which provides good support for the low back style.


When ordering a strapless bra online, refer to the size chart provided in the website carefully. Take the exact measurements of your breast size to know which size would fit you best. You may take the help of a friend to get the right measurements using a tape.

Please remember that you should get a snug fitting strapless bra to ensure that it does not go up or slide downwards. A right fitting strapless will give you the confidence to move your hands without fear and dance all night!

Finally, Finding a Strapless Bra that Fits!

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