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How Should A Strapless Bra Fit

Finding the right fitting bra always seems like an unsolved mystery. With a gaggle of different brands and models offering a wide range of styles and sizes, it is natural for a poor girl to get confused. So, how can you possibly differentiate the good from the bad? The good fitting from the ill-fitting? The comfortable from the uncomfortable?

In this article, we will share with you the tips from an expert lingerie consultant and bra connoisseur to help you find the right fitting strapless bra.

Explore the numbers and buy your right size: How Should A Strapless Bra Fit ?

Whether you have barely-there-breast or large sized ones, don’t be embarrassed by the number. Feel confident about your body and buy the right size that fits you well. Surprisingly about 90 percent of the women don’t wear their right size. Girls who wear 34B size bra should actually be buying 32D. We suggest that you visit a department store that has trained bra specialists to help you find your right size.

Band should be snug, not too snug

In a normal bra, both the band and straps provide support. However in the case of a strapless bra, the full responsibility is on the bands. When bands are the only support you have, they should be slightly on the tighter side to give you a good fit. A simple test would be to slide one or two fingers under the band and see if it goes smoothly. While the band should fit you snugly, it shouldn’t be too tight to hurt you or cut off the blood circulation.

Ensure that the band stays in place

When buying a strapless bra, make sure you try it in the trial room to ensure that the bands don’t move up or down. Jump a little after wearing the bra and see if it stays in place or moves up upwards with the movement. A good fitting bra should stay parallel to the floor after your clasp the hooks at the back. If the band arches upwards then that means there’s a lot of additional space.

Get a bra that separates and supports

While you don’t want any gaps or spillage, you would need to look for a strapless bra that properly separates and supports your breasts. One of the biggest challenges in finding the right size arises when size B is smaller and C is bigger than your size. In such a scenario, consider switching your brand and try ThirdLove instead. ThirdLove comes with bras that even feature the half cup sizes.

Know how to wear your bra correctly

Finding the right fit is important but all that hard work will go in vain if you don’t wear the correct size. When you are trying a strapless bra, you must apply the ‘scooping’ method. After you wear the strapless bra, lean forward and scoop all the extra breast tissue popping out of the cup and tuck them inside. Well, this method is not just limited to strapless bras and it works fine with all types of bras.

Skip the deodorant and lotion

When wearing silicone-lined strapless bras, you must skip the lotion, deodorant or baby powder because this reduces the friction causing the bra to slip. This is one of the most fatal mistakes most people commit unknowingly and this result in their strapless bra slipping all the time.

Before buying a silicone-lined bra, you must find out whether or not it suits your skin. If you have a bad history with silicone such as rashes, traumatic scarring, etc, then we would recommend you to avoid wearing them. If you have to wear them, look for signs of allergy. These days you will find many silicon free bras made from innovative woven fabrics.


The strapless bras work really hard as they carry all the weight with just one support. So, you must take care of your investment. You must ensure that you always hand wash them after each wear as profuse sweating and machine wash can damage the fabric. If you find a strapless bra that fits you really well then we would suggest that you buy a few pieces at once because the good ones go out of stock very soon!

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Finally, Finding a Strapless Bra that Fits!