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How To Keep A Strapless Bra Up

All you wanted to do was wear your cute summer dress but you end up adjusting and tugging your stupid strapless bra through the night. What a shame! Can there be a better way to spoil a date or night out with friends?

We know many women out there who can relate to the predicament, that awkward moment when you want to become invisible for just a few seconds or hide behind a friend to lift your slipping bra from under your dress.

If you have been there and suffered that, this article will show you how to keep a strapless bra up to save the embarrassment. Consider this as a bra hack that every woman should be aware of.

First things first: How To Keep A Strapless Bra Up

When you want to go strapless, you must invest in a high quality bra. There’s no cutting the corners here. You may buy a cheap top or an inexpensive dress but you must never get those cheap strapless bras. The quality of fabric and design are important factors that differentiate a good bra from a loosely fitting one.

If you want to look confident and relaxed when wearing an off shoulder dress, make sure you invest in a really high quality strapless bra. You would need to do some research work to find a good quality bra.

Get the right size

If you don’t want your hands to be constantly tugging at the bra to keep it in place then get the right size. Unfortunately many women wear ill-fitting bras because they just don’t know the right size. If you have always complained about bras not fitting you well then perhaps you need to switch the brand or try a different size that fits better.

Take the measuring tape and take the measurement so that you know your exact size. You may ask someone to assist you with this. So, next time you want to order a strapless bra, first know your correct size.

Does your bra have rubber bands?

We cannot emphasize enough how important rubber bands are to ensure that a strapless bra stays in place, but unfortunately not many people seem to realize this fact. If you are thinking what good are rubber bands then let me tell you that it can be the biggest support that helps you stay hands free throughout the night and enjoy your evening without worrying about pulling the strapless bra up all the time.

Rubber has the tendency to stick to the skin hence it works like a charm to hold the bra right in place. Thus, it works better than the ordinary strapless bra that comes with cotton lining.

Pick the long-line bras

When you want better support choose the strapless long-line bras as they cover the full torso. It perfectly wraps around the waist area or rib cage, hence this type of bra is less likely to slip. It gives you the confidence to lift your arms, jump and dance without worrying about your bra slouching down.

Sew ‘em up

This is a good old trick that comes from the grandma’s book but trust me, it works like a charm even today. To make this work, you simply need to sew the front portion of the bra to the backside of the dress. When sewing them together, you must ensure that dress fully covers the back of the bra so that it is not visible. This trick gives you the freedom to throw your hands in the air and dance all night long.

Stick them using the adhesive tapes

Didn’t get the time to stitch them up? No worries! You can use the double sided tape to stick them to your skin and the other side to the bra to hold them in place. This is a quick fix method that works perfectly in situations when you don’t have time in hand.

Wear the right clothes

When you want to flaunt your sensuous self by dress that reveals some naked flesh, make sure you choose a right blouse or dress. If you wear figure hugging dresses, they will provide extra support to your bra and prevent it from slipping.


These are easy tips you can try to keep a strapless bra up. It will just take a few extra minutes to find the right size bra or sew it to your dress, but it will save you from a lot of unwanted attention, embarrassment or discomfort!

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